Kannada Habba


Year Of Celebration:2017

Taranga Fest of 2017-18 organised by Kannada Sangha brought Every aspect of Dance, Music and the Arts to life. Taranga has never failed to instill a sense of pride for Kannada, through respectful speeches for established dignitaries, artists flaunting their skills, and enactment of inspirational stories on stage


Year Of Celebration:2016

October 2016 brought a wave happiness through Kannada in the form of Kahale. This resonates with the audience and leaves a lasting impression, attesting to the impact of Kannada Sangha and this wonderful language on its admirers.


Year Of Celebration:2015

Feelings sparkling like a fountain, Hearts filled with happiness and joy... In the midst of this celebration came a bigger celebration - "karanji" This festival that instils pride was a result of the dreams of the Kannada Sangha


Year Of Celebration:2014

Thandava- Expression of emotions, when intense, can be shown best through the language that lives in the heart. Lord Shiva brandished his feelings through this dance form, that signifies rage, and passion. The stage of Kannada Sangha represents the platform of Nataraja. Throughout the year, the fierce showcase of talents of its artists embodies the spirit of Kannada Sangha.


Year Of Celebration:2013

Krishnadevaraya's reign has been glorified as a golden period in Karnataka for ages. Similarly, kannada habba is recognised as a jewel for our college. This annual cultural festival hosts various extravagant events, motivating talented students to showcase their capabilities.


Year Of Celebration:2012

We lit lamps and brightened up our college ... Lit it with love and not revenge Students are the oil that a college needs for it to glow bright. And on this day we showed we'll be there when our college needs us! "Hanathe" - this was the day we students saw our college glow. A day none of us can ever forget


Year Of Celebration:2011

In the year 2011 Kannada Habba was named Teru. Teru in Kannada translates to Chariot in English Chariot is considered to be the vehicle of the Gods. Treating Mother Kannada as a God, RV students as the charioteer,this festival was celebrated in a grand fashion.


Year Of Celebration:2010

It was that time of the year again! The time to celebrate kannada The language that teaches the kindness of love The language that supports our soul The language that erases the blindness of our hearts The language that's a home to tradition and art It was that time of the year when the entire college swayed listening to "Kannadadha Jhenkara"


Year Of Celebration:2009

Suggi - Farmers invest all their time in fields, nurturing their produce daily and after a long season’s toil, get to reap their wonderful benefits in the form of a Harvest. The Harvest season is a symbol of happiness, rejuvenation and new beginnings. Farmers rejoice harvesting once a year, but Kannada Sangha harvests unlimited talent and celebrates the culture of the arts, with immense zeal every moment of the day.


Year Of Celebration:2008

Chiguru- the dawn of life, a new beginning is witnessed by nature every day as plants begin to sprout from seeds. These delicate saplings carry so much potential, which merely goes unnoticed at this stage, only to be glorified in time


Year Of Celebration:2007

Manthana- the sweetest of rewards come to those who put in their hard work and dedication, like in the case of churning for butter. Hours on end, women would treat the curd with care to obtain delicious butter, all the way churning without a complaint. Kannada Sangha, similarly, inculcates a supportive environment to help members unleash their thinking skills everyday, honestly and creatively